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Pirlo's approach.

With the start of the 2020/21 season fast aproaching and a new untested manager at the helm, the question on most fans’ mind is – what formation will Pirlo use?

While it is important to have the right formation, the more important aspect would be the tactics used within said formation. A formation at the end of the day is just a template that a manager uses to assign positions to players. It is the tactics implemented within that formation that helps in the execution of the roles given to players and approach of the team as whole. Hence by itself a formation is meaningless.

While deciding on the right gameplan it is vital to take stock of the personel at our disposal, along with their respective strengths and weaknesses. As things stand at this moment, with the exception of signing a striker I do not see us making any futher additions to the squad. On that note below are 3 key factors that need to be consdered before we decide on the right tactics/ fomation to follow.

Efficiency of Full Backs:

This is the area where we have been criminally understaffed for a while. In the last couple of years things have gotten so bad that we have had to resort to playing Cuadrado at RB on a regular basis. In fact its fair to say that the RB position is akin to the professor of “The Defence Against The Dark Arts” position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Where in we seem to have a different one every year.While on the other side Alex Sandro has been a stable presence for quite sometime, his levels have been dropping a for a couple of seasons now and behind him we are yet to develop a reliable back up. With Danilo, De Sciglio, Sandro not up to the mark and a returning Pellegrini yet to make his debut for the club, Pirlo is left with a real conundrum when it comes to the full backs - Toothless in attack and ineffective in defence.

With this in mind if Pirlo does want to play with 3 CBs as has been reported in a few outlets, the above mentioned full backs are going to have to be used in a more advanced position which is further going to expose their frailties from both an attacking as well as defending perspective. Another option could be to play Demiral at RB as part of a flat back 4. While this would reduce our attacking threat (Not that we had any from our regular full backs) it would certainly shore things up on the defensive side.

Midfield Quality/Quantity:

Without a doubt this has been the area most ignored by management for a long time. So much so that last season Ronaldo and Dybala basically had to fend for themselves as they dragged the rest of the team to a Scudetto. While the arrivals of Authur and Mckennie to replace Pjanic and Matuidi was a welcome sign, such is the mess we have gotten ourselves into that these 2 signings alone are nowhere near enough. Considering Ramsey’s fitness issues, that now leaves us with 4 and a half recognised MF options (I have not considered Khedira at present). If he is able to overcome his injury issues I do feel that Ramsey does possess qualities benificial to the team as long as he is used as a box to box MF which is where he is at his best as opposed to the multitude of roles he was asked to fill last season.

Having said that, at present we still lack the numbers and dynamism in midfield if we are to even contemplate a deep run in the champions league