Pirlo (re)builds Juventus.

Ten answers for the 10th Scudetto and Kulusevski will be his wild card.

The theme.

What is the key word of 2021? Harmony.

The stories of the early days of Pirlo's Juve seem like a dictionary of synonyms: empathy, serenity, harmony. Harmony after the tension in the Sarri's last months. The change of mood and the reason for the change on the bench and of course, at the beginning it's all easy: zero pressure, zero discontent players. The desire to go in the same direction, will also be the key to his first Juve experience as a coach.

The phenomenon.

Will Cristiano remain at these levels? The number 9 will help him.

The other night, in Sweden, Cristiano proved that he is already readyl. Scoring his 100th goal for Portugal and he even scored two. And to think that a few days earlier he had had to resolve a terrible inflammation in his right toe. According to Pirlo, to get even more from out of him, it is necessary to support him with a center forward, like Benzema in the days of Real Madrid. In reality, Cristiano comes from an amazing season from the point of view of construction and the real bet will be to maintain these levels also this season, he who never spares himself and who would always like to play.

The dates.

When is the first delicate period? At the end of September

The championship calendar obliges Andrea Pirlo to speed up his work. After the start at home against Sampdoria they will face Roma and Napoli. That between the end of this month and the beginning of the next could be a crucial period given that the draw for the Champions League rounds is also scheduled on October 1, which will start on October 20/21.

The mercato.

Which number "nine" will arrive? Suarez in pole.

Pirlo is obsessively looking for a center forward. A story that goes on for three weeks and that first saw Dzeko in pole, then overtaken by Suarez, once Juve found out that the two operations would have more or less the same cost. In any case, for the Uruguayan the issue remains Barcelona's severance pay and especially the passport issue, with Suarez busy studying for the Italian exam which would allow him to present the paperwork for the Italian passport. Juve has an agreement with the player and are confident to close as soon as possible. Pirlo also needs a second striker and the return of Kean remains the most probable.

The field.

Tactically, what will we see? Variety and readings.

Ball possession, great attention to ball recovery, ability to set up with three men and to defend with a four-man line. The fog around Pirlo's football begins to clear, thanks above all to his statements. Juventus will probably change game systems and show concepts close to the position game, those seen throughout the last match against Di Zerbi's Sassuolo, not by chance one of the most natural references for Pirlo. A Juve that dribbles, seeks superiority along the field, finds the free man to get to Ronaldo and who knows, from Suarez. The men to do it are: technical midfielders, with the class and experience to interpret situations. Less simple to put together the synchronisms for the quick recovery of the ball on which Pirlo is aiming so much. Sarri, another enthusiast of the genre, also fell on this.

The sales.

Other news from the market? Higuain away immediately.

First of all, Juve wants to arrange the exits, to lighten the amount of wages. Higuain and Khedira are considered out of the project and an agreement is being worked on for them. The Argentine and the one clearly "ahead"; In recent days, his brother-agent Nicolas has arrived in Turin and the parties have begun to negotiate. Higuain has a contract until 30 June 2021 for 7.5 million net and wants to monetize as much as possible, Juve on the other side thinks the opposite: the solution is very close. Khedira, on the other hand, has so far refused the termination and will try to make him change his mind. In the background there is always the Dybala question, between the hypothesis of sale and renewal: it seemed a step away but has not yet materialized. It could soon unlock, with an estimate of 10 million per season.

The debutant.

The surprise? Kulusevski and Ronaldo crown him: "Goals together."

Do not waste time looking for Kulusevski in Juventus' dream formations: he is not there. Arthur, Bentancur and Rabiot in midfield. Dybala, Ronaldo and a new 9at front. Dejan, however, is ready to come back strong in the: he has technical and athletic qualities to become very important for Pirlo. Here is a September's bet: DK44 has technique, running and goals to interpret the aggression and pallegio football that Pirlo likes. No one will be surprised if he played a lot.

The creative.

Who will command in midfield? Chance for Arthur.

Arthur's story says he likes to have the ball at his feet. He is neither a goal scorer nor a distributor: he makes the difference if he can verticalize, create superiority with a vision. Pirlo probably will play him in a three-man midfield or a left midfielder. Will he be able to take control of the team? Bentancur, however, is much more than an alternative.

The Capitano.

Who is the most important player? Chiellini.

Chiellini's full recovery will be crucial for Pirlo. From a physical point of view, the Captain gave guarantees in the match he played with the national team on Monday against the Netherlands: he had not played a full game for more than a year but he seemed the Chiellini of the good times. A Chiellini at the top will be very important for the new Juve in terms of technique, the charisma and the personality he knows how to put in that on the pitch. And also from a tactical point of view it can be a weapon a bit more, even when the bianconeri will turn to the three-man defense. But it is in the locker room that his contribution will be decisive in any case: as a former teammate of Pirlo, he will help him manage the group.

The danger.

What is the most underestimated theme? Injuries.

Players available for up to 10 matches in Serie A 19/20: Chiellini. Available for a maximum of 25 games De Sciglio, Demiral, Douglas Costa, Khedira. Juventus has a lot of over 30 players and next season, with a minimum preparation and two games per week, it could become dangerous. Pirlo, Tudor, Bertelli and the staff must find a way to contain the absences of the big names. If then luck helps...


By Luca Bianchin & Matteo Pierelli - Gazzetta dello Sport

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