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We have all the players available. They trained well and I'll have plenty of choice in deciding who to play. We have two players who are a booking away from suspension.

Our objective is to earn the Champions League qualification on the field, we don't look beyond that.

There is a good relationship with everyone, Cristiano has a good relationship with all the staff. The embrace in Udine has an important meaning. Cristiano after the criticism of the last weeks has responded on the field.

There will be space for everyone, I will also have the possibility to make five changes, which are important in the final part of the season to keep up the intensity.

Rabiot will start from the beginning, I gave him a day off because I saw him tired. He came in well, with the right determination to help the team win the game.

Donnarumma is an AC Milan player, I consider him one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He is an exemplary professional, so I congratulate him for what he is doing.

This is not the time to talk about the future and planning. Now we are concentrating on the matches we have to face, we can talk about other things later on.

We saw the first game again and again, we had a lot of absences because of the covid. We reinvented a line-up at the last minute. We've always played well in the big league games, it's the other games where we've gone wrong.

Szczesny has always behaved well on the pitch, it can happen to anyone to make mistakes. We're happy with what he's giving us on the pitch.

Cristiano and Ibra still turn out to be the best. I don't know if this is a problem for Italian football, but it certainly isn't for the teams they play for.

Szczensy will start.

McKennie has a chance to play from the start. He lost weight. It's something we've been putting in his head for some time because at this level you have to be 100 per cent professional and not 50 per cent. He's more professional now than when he arrived.

The hug gave the boys great enthusiasm, even in the locker room they were happy. We hope it was an important thing and that it gave us the impetus to face the last games.