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We have a great desire to turn over a new page, with a lot of determination to bring home this trophy. Sunday's game has to be cancelled but we're lucky to play now.

Napoli are a strong team, they are showing it. They have good, fast players and we will have to be careful. How to attack them? We've tried some solutions and I hope to see them on the pitch again.

The goalkeeper will be Szczesny because Buffon had some problems. The game comes at the right time: it's important to play a final and after a bad game we want to get back on the pitch and bring home this trophy.

We have to erase that Inter game. We want to show that we are not what we were the other night.

Demiral had a small problem that he has been carrying around for a few weeks. He was able to play but had a relapse and will be out for a few days.

I don't know if Kulusevski will play tomorrow with Ronaldo. It can be a solution. It depends on how we want to play the game. I already have it in my head but let's see how they recover and tomorrow morning I will choose.

We have been winning for nine years because we have worked and struggled. We are working to win the tenth one. There may be a lapse, but our ambitions and goals remain the same.

There had been a discussion with the team after the Fiorentina game because we were coming from the holida