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Source: Tuttosport

It's not an apocalypse, just a difficult moment. Now we have to improve and pull ourselves together, but I feel too much negativity. I think that after the break we will all get back together and normality will return.

If we laugh in the locker room, the group is calm, united, and together we can face difficulties in a more constructive way. And I've always felt it was my job to keep the team's spirits up, and over the years I've become more and more aware of that.

Ronaldo? I don't know if he'll stay with us, I hope so because his presence makes all the difference. He still has a year left on his contract, if nothing strange happens I think and hope he'll stay.

I'm a simple, easy-going guy. I make people like me for who I am and make them smile early in the morning with my silly videos. In the locker room, I joke with everyone and try to boost morale.

I've been a Juve fan since I was born, every goal we score is like me scoring it. Celebrating with my teammates is one of the most beautiful things, it's always a privilege for me.

De Ligt is very young but has a great personality, he plays like he is in his thirties. He's very strong and he's also starting to speak good Italian.

How can we get out of this moment? All I can say is that we are Juve. And we're all aware that of that. We don't need words, we have to push hard and that's it. We just have to remember this one thing, I repeat: "We are Juve!".

Ronaldo is a simple guy, not a star. Cristiano is quiet, he likes to laugh and joke around. My relationship with him started immediately when he started to train his shooting with me in goal, but my friendship with him is beautiful.

They even tease me by saying that I will go to the European Championship with the Portugal team.

In training, he shoots free kicks and always scores goals. I don't know why he doesn't score during the game, but maybe he has a bit of bad luck

Apart from Cristiano, I say Bernardeschi is the one with the best shooting skill.

I remember the 1-4 against Fulham. Then came two defeats against Sampdoria and Napoli, even put 6 place at risk. Many of the strongest players in the squad were going into retirement, the most expensive signings weren't doing well, there was tension.

Now Juve has the best player in the world, great young players, and a strong club. I'd say there's no comparison with 10 years ago.