We had to play a better game than this one. The goal was to win by playing better, but we had a bad day from all points of view.

We wanted to win, we knew it would be difficult, Benevento is an organized team and we needed calmness to find our game. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to bring the points home.

Our goal does not change. We will try until the end.

We knew we were facing a team that doesn't let you play well. If you don't break the deadlock it becomes difficult to play. But as I said before, we got everything wrong. We'll think about it and discuss it.

Arthur made a mistake which was not his fault. Maybe he didn't see the opponent, in that case, it was easier to play it to the goalkeeper. It was a careless mistake like so many others.

You don't always have to take a slap in the face to react. There are two weeks ahead of us, we'll have time to prepare for the derby.

I don't judge myself, it's you who judge me on a daily basis.

I'll continue to work, the club will decide at the end of the season.

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