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Compared to the past, even the recent past, it is already easy to notice an evident change in the Bianconeri's approach. Usually, in these times, the operations already practically done and/or only to be formalized were many. Even clamorous (and budget-saving) ones, such as the exchange with Barcelona between Arthur (valued at 72 million euros plus another possible 5 million) and Miralem Pjanic (valued at 60 million euros, plus another possible 5 million), finalized last year on 29 June: it was a maxi-option that allowed to score - on both sides - clamorous capital gains. In Turin, specifically: "this operation generates a positive economic effect of about 41.8 million, net of the solidarity contribution and additional charges," the official statement read.

In a similar situation, going back not too far with the memory, there was for example in the operation set up with Manchester City and involving Danilo (valued at € 37 million) and Cancelo (€ 65 million). Idem as above: "This operation generates a positive economic effect of about 28.6 million euros, net of the solidarity contribution and ancillary charges".

Not only have there been no such operations this year, but they are unlikely to happen. The choices of the president Andrea Agnelli, the vice-president Pavel Nedved, the new managing director Maurizio Arrivabene and the head of the technical area Federico Cherubini will be directed towards other paths. For the budget, help will come in due course from the capital increase, if necessary, but it will no longer be supported by the technique of capital gains. And if there will be exchanges, they will be dictated by purely technical and qualitative reasons.

Source: Tuttosport