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My words, picked up by wiretapping, have been reported out of context and incomplete.

In my capacity as a lawyer, I put the staff of the football player Luis Suarez in contact with the University of Perugia. This contact followed the verification of the requisites necessary for obtaining Italian citizenship and the ascertainment that the player was not in possession of the B1 certificate, required by the regulations in force.

This contact activity is found in the e-mails between the player's entourage and the university body, in which, out of courtesy, the undersigned is in CC, but not the recipient. In other communications, of the same tenor, I spoke with the Erasmus and Mobility International Relations Service of the same university to obtain and transmit the bureaucratic information about the delivery of the online course and any subsequent registration for the exam in question.

I specify that my words, picked up by wiretapping, have now been reported out of context and incomplete.

In fact, during those telephone conversations, I clearly expressed the request that the examination procedure take place, as expected, "in presence" and without any kind of treatment of consideration compared to any other candidate. I assume that a careful analysis of these conversations will prove this beyond doubt.

As for the reference to "other players": it is quite clear that, being the first time that I followed a story connected to the certification of knowledge of the Italian language, my words are to be interpreted as a procedural knowledge to be used for future cases only where there was a need. No agreement therefore. No negotiations. Simply an acknowledgment.

As is known to the news, however, the player was not registered in Italy and the club that, at that stage, was interested in him, then explicitly changed their market goal.

I remain at the disposal of the competent Authorities, should it deem it, to provide further clarity on my prefessional work.

Lawyer Maria Turco