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My idea of football is coming together, I'm optimistic.

Do we need a slap in the face to react? It shouldn't be like that. We played a first half that was "too wait-and-see", not very aggressive with the midfielders, but the best chances were ours. There was a good reaction in the second half after their goal but we don't have to take a slap to react.

We had made Kulusevski rest because he came from 6 consecutive games and was also the only change on the bench, the rest were youngs players. So we had to wait to give him some rest, he did very well and played his game.

Dybala didn't expect to stay on the field for 90minutes. He played a good match and we are satisfied. Bonucci had felt something already in Kiev, he gritted his teeth for tonight, we'll see tomorrow.

When you play against Verona or Atalanta it's always difficult, you play man against man at all levels, all about duels. We've tried out plays to skip their pressure, I think they came out well even in the first half. We made the wrong choices then on the last pass. When you play against them it's always hard, for everyone, we could certainly have done better. The midfielders played a good game, the same for Arthur who played 90' also in the management of the ball. But we have to improve.

We knew it would be more difficult today than in Kiev, especially for the intensity that Verona gives you, so we have worked a lot in these two days. We don't have to take slaps to wake up. It's one thing to play in yhe Champions with fans who pushes the team, we have to start right away with determination from the beginning. The matches are won in this way too.

We plan to have them play together, Ronaldo with Dybala or Ronaldo with Morata. Depending on the characteristics of the players we will adapt with the other players. Today we also lacked the width with Chiesa and we tried to make Bernardeschi recover his condition after a period of inactivity.

I liked the reaction of the guys after their goal. This was a great Verona, it's not easy to play against them. Too bad we didn't bring home the three points.

Barcelona? It doesn't bother me, they are two different games. Verona plays differently than Barcelona, against teams that play in this way you have to prepare a type of match.