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It has been a difficult year, the details eliminated us from the UCL, against Porto who were not a better team than us. We made a mistake in the first minute, conceded a penalty when we needed to come back and take a goal from 40 meters. It's everyone's fault. If I score straight away with my header with the first ball I have, the game is over and we go to the quarter-finals.

We talk about everything except football. In the end, when we're off the pitch, we try not to talk about it. Does Ronaldo want to leave? If the same thing had happened at another club it would be the same. He's used to playing five or six Champions League finals. It's not a problem for Juve, I see Cristiano happy. He's happy with the group. But he is he's used to winning.

When you are on loan and there are several clubs in between, your opinion counts little. I was happy at Atleti and I'm happy at Juventus, I have a contract, I have to respect it. I don't have to explain who Cristiano is, he always tries to defend the Juventus jersey. We are a team and I repeat, with the victory of the Super Coppa and maybe the Coppa Italia it would not be a bad season.

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