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Marchisio talks Juventus & much more.

The problems of soccer are the same as in the world. On the field all the evils of society are affected. Racism, gender differences, discrimination. It has become a big industry: it is inevitable that you lose the passion that you felt in the discussions at the bar.

When I started playing football, my parents were trying to indulge a passion. Now that I am accompanying my children, I realize that for many people, professionalism is worth more than university. The pressure you feel in May, when you don't know if your child will be cut or confirmed for the following season, is worrying.

Instagram? In fact I use it and I believe in the value that socials can have. They are used as a tool of hate, but they are also useful to communicate positive initiatives.

I was very impressed by the clear words against racism written by the American McKennie. He is very young, just arrived, but he immediately made his voice heard. I welcome these examples.

If the theme of homosexuality is a taboo? it is true. No teammate of mine has ever told me that he is gay, but it is not true that in the locker room it is not talked about.

Mourinho? There were contacts: I said no. People like me, Totti, De Rossi or Maldini, player since young with the same colors. Since childhood. Our attachment to the shirt is not in debate.

Real Madrid also looked for me? I was 21 years old, I had just started playing in Juve and Capello, then in Madrid, wanted me. I said no because I wanted to play on my team of the heart, in front of my parents, in my city.

How many Scudetti do Juventus have? You also know very well how many.

Why don’t you move on? Why keep fighting for those 2 Scudetti? We are fighting against a difference in treatment compared to the other teams.

People want me as mayor of Turin? I saw, it pleased me and maybe one day I will be available, as an integral part of a team.

Politics? I am thinking about it. It would be nice to put my ideas into practice. Many things I still don't know, I should study. But of course I would like to.


By: Marco Castelnuovo - Corriere della Sera (