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If you talk about unpredictable games, derbies are at the top of the list. The position in the table is not important in this kind of match, which can change the morale of a team for the rest of the season.

When two rivals face each other only three things can happen dominance from one team, an open game, or a battle. Everyone who saw the game can say that “Il derby d'Italia” was a close game. These kinds of games where there aren’t many chances, demand effectiveness from teams, and without Cristiano Ronaldo who was the most effective player on the pitch.

In a game where he had the opportunity to become the number one scorer in football history, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t flinch. First, he was able to score the penalty that tied the game. After that first goal, he maintained the press and continued to look for the second goal. CR7 was one of the players who applied constant pressure on the goalkeeper and central defenders, and that persistence was recompensed. After an error in communication between Bastoni and Handanovic, the Portuguese international was able to steal the ball and score a goal from a difficult angle which shows his immense quality.

After the second goal, he demanded that his teammates continue the high press in defense and offensively he asked for the ball trying to create chances for other players.

Even when he was substituted he showed frustration, demonstrating that he wanted to stay on the pitch. In this game, Cristiano showed character and he became Juventus' “matador”. Juventini are hoping the Cristiano can maintain this scoring form, giving “La Vecchia Signora” a chance to win every competition...fighting until the end.