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Playing after a loss presents a difficult scenario for any team. However, for a team as big as Juventus the loss against Porto can be morally devastating. Is in this type of game the character comes out and Cristiano Ronaldo showed his competitive spirit. After a weekend where everybody talked about the strikers in the Milan teams, the Juventus star showed that he is still one of the best attackers in the world with a magnificent performance.

Cristiano showed his aggressiveness since the beginning trying to make the team go forward and being frustrated with some lack of chances. Throughout the game, he was trying to move behind the defense with fast sprints to avoid the pressure, but it wasn’t successful. The first goal came after a corner that led to a cross by Alex Sandro which the Portuguese international finished with a beautiful header. The second goal was the highlight of the game and came about after a good shot from outside the area, after which Ramsey crossed the ball not letting it go outside the lines and CR7 flew in the air and scored with a header that made everyone remember the goal against Sampdoria last season. “El Bicho” was close to scoring again but he wasn’t able to complete his third goal. After a hard game with a good performance, Cristiano Ronaldo helped Juventus to still hold the door open for a Serie A title.

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