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Lifting your first trophy as a coach is something different

It's a great joy, lifting your first trophy as a coach is something different, even more than as a player, because you are in charge of such an important team, of a historic club, so it feels even better.

It's hard to see finals where both teams play well. It was important to win, we had to show our pride. If you go out there with this determination, you can do well.

We wanted to show that we weren't what we were the other night. We needed this game, this sacrifice. If you start with these things, it's easier to bring it home.

Cuadrado was asymptomatic for these 15 days, he had time to work at home. We thought he could not play for that long, but he lasted until the 95th minute. I have to congratulate him, it's not for everyone to train alone and then play in a final.

Arthur played when he was well. Unfortunately he had a start like that, he had been inactive since Barcelona. With covid he didn't train with them anymore. When he started playing he picked up a terrible knock against Atalanta.

Arthur is back, he gives us quality in possession. We are holding on to him.

Criticism? It's part of the game, i'm used to it. I've had a long career, ups and downs, and it doesn't affect me. I work every day, I know I have a strong group.

When you start from nothing and you're at Juventus, criticism is part of the game. I only think about coaching. I‘m new to this, in a few years we will be able talk. Then the results will speak for me.