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Key players: Supercoppa Juventus vs Napoli

The Italian Super Cup is one of the several types of trophies in the Juve cabinet. The serial winners are obviously the richest in the land, not only in the cash but also in success and trophies. Their latest Serie A success, 38th in the club's book and 36th officially, has once again earned them a chance to win yet another honour. Below, we look at the players who could be vital for a 9th Supercoppa success from a tactical perspective.

1. Weston Mckennie: The on-loan American prodigy, has become one of the main Juve players since his arrival last summer. His absence in games is felt easily especially given the midfield problems Juve have. When Juve and Napoli lock horns on Wednesday night Mckennie is expected to play from the start in the heart of the Juve midfield. His attacking runs and instincts will be vital in the game as Juve look to dismantle Napoli's 2 DMFs. Mckennie's overlapping run could help Kulusevski/Ramsey by taking away one of the DMFs

away from them which will give them more of freedom to play.

2. Arthur: One of the players expected to return to the XI is the Brazilian international. Even though many fans raise questions about him due to lack of penetrative vertical passes in his game. Arthur's ball retaining ability and press-resistance will be helpful in the build-up as Napoli's forward players will surely look to press high up the pitch. He at least should bring back tranquility to the midfield with his passes alongside distributing many diagonal passes to the wings to try and get our wingbacks on a one-on-one situations with Napoli's full backs.

3. Chiesa: Playing against a team in a 4-2-3-1 is always difficult if the opponent can execute it very well. Given the two DMfs the team has its always difficult to find openings in the middle or catch them on the break. One of the only ways to attack against a very well organised 4-2-3-1 side is trying to get the fullbacks on the aforementioned one-on-one specially in a quick counter attacks. Chiesa is one of the best, if not the best, dribbler in the land who almost always wins the 1v1 situations. Hence, Pirlo can look forward to using this Chiesa's ability to try and create chances to Cristiano and Morata, who are looking far more isolated in recent games due to lack of chances.

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