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In Brazil, they wrote that AC Milan has negotiated with Santos to get Kaio Jorge immediately and they wrote about a possible agreement for 4 million plus 2 million in bonuses. Milan, however, has not yet made an offer, at most they would be willing to make it at the end of the market and are not available for a bidding war. Juventus, on the other hand, seem to be only aiming at getting the Brazilian in January as a free agent, without paying anything to Santos. An early arrival is not to be excluded but it does not seem in the plans. For both, however, the opportunity is very good: one of the best young strikers at a bargain price. Who is the favorite? Juve, probably. In a situation like this, in fact, it is the player who has the steering wheel: you go where he decides. Kaio Jorge can definitely accept Benfica or push for Milan, making Santos happy and they would collect a few million. The agreement between Kaio and Benfica, however, is still not there and may never arrive. No wonder: for a 19-year-old, the chance to play with Cristiano Ronaldo can be a decisive attraction.

The plan Juve therefore just has to wait. If Kaio Jorge waits for the end of the market and does not sign with Benfica or Milan, the agreement with the Bianconeri could become a done deal from September. For Juve, at that point, it would be a matter of confirming the 2020-21 attack for the first half of the season, with Ronaldo, Morata, Dybala and, if necessary, Kulusevski as an atypical forward. Plus Chiesa and Bernardeschi, of course. In January, Kaio Jorge would join the group and at that point, it would only be a matter of deciding whether to keep him in the squad for six months or send him to gain experience elsewhere. It is not all done, but the conditions are definitely good.

Source: Gazzetta Dello Sport

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