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Juventus vs Parma: 4 storylines to watch out for

After a horrific effort vs Atalanta which resulted in a 1-0 defeat, Juventus is back at it on Tuesday evening, as they try to stay afloat in the top four of Serie A and not drop any points vs lowly Parma.

Here are four storylines to watch out for as this game unfolds on Wednesday evening:

1) Return of Ronaldo. After missing the key match vs Atalanta, Ronaldo should be back vs Parma. As Juventus goes so does Ronaldo. For all those that want to sell him in the summer, they should think again. He is the heart and soul when it comes to scoring for the Old Lady. When they need a big goal he is there. Getting him a better supporting cast in the summer will be key, whether he stays or leaves.

2) Alex Sandro please stay on the bench. It has come clear Alex Sandro has been a problem for this team. His play on Sunday exemplified it. Atalanta's winning goal was off a Sandro deflection that was avoidable. He seems slow and gets caught in defensive errors. He needs to be sold this summer to bring fresh recruits in.

3) More of Chiesa. When Chiesa creates plays, it opens up running lanes for Ronaldo and the rest of the strikers, with his energy and enthusiasm. Everything should run through Chiesa and get Ronaldo in better portions for some easy goals.

4) Pirlo watch. With each defeat, the firing of Pirlo rumors begin. Yes, he has made many errors this season, but he has also tried to include the likes of Kulusevski, Arthur, and Mckinnie into the lineup with their youth and energy. I do believe he should be given another year at the helm to prove himself worthy. It all depends on how aggressive Juventus management is in the off-season.