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Juventus vs Napoli: 4 storylines to watch out for

Well, finally the makeup game that was postponed due to Napoli contracting the Corona Virus will be played on Wednesday evening. Let's see if Napoli's evil owner will appeal this game if they lose to a higher court. Anything is possible with Aurelio De Laurentis.

Here are four storylines to watch out for:

1) Can we get the swagger back. This is not the Juventus of past years. When it rains it pours, after two horrific displays of football vs Torino and Benvenuto, they have to show the will and determination of Juventus to beat Napoli and put them out of their misery just to stay afloat and not drop below fourth place in the ever-important place for qualification for next years champions league spot.

2) Can the Old Lady play with a sense of urgency for the full 90 minutes. It seems the last few games the Old Lady only seems to play when the chips are down. Juventus must play the full 90 minutes of passion and heart. Lapses in play have been too common this season, even against the lesser lights of Serie A.

3) Lack of Discipline. In the international break, Weston Mckennie had a party at his home. In light of Corona, this was totally out of character for Juventus. He should have known better. On and off the pitch, Juventus has to maintain its discipline. This can be carried over into games of bad play and lack of discipline.

4) Is Andrea Pirlo on the hot seat. In recent matches, Max Allegri's name has been mentioned as a return to Juventus. Let's hold the fort there. Yes, Andrea Pirlo's first season hasn't been stellar, but he has made moves Max Allegri wouldn't have made with giving the youngsters a shot to play, such as Arthur, Fagioli, and Fabrotta. I am willing to see what the Juve management gives Pirlo as dire need of help is needed in the midfield.