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Juventus - Premier League connection: Rabiot, Sandro, Emerson, Kean,...

Source: Tuttosport - antonino milone

Adrien Rabiot, although far from being the worst, risks being sold for economic reasons. Like Aaron Ramsey, who is 4 years older than his companion, as well on a similar salary, again without counting the variable part.

Sandro earns a little less than the two, but he is 30 years old, and apart from the possibility of rotating Danilo on the left-hand side, at Continassa they have never stopped looking around for a market opportunity to refresh that role. Emerson Palmieri is still on his way out from Chelsea, the Blues (and not only them) are following Alex Sandro and, in short, but the crossovers can also tickle the desire to relaunch both the Bianconeri and the English club to work out a deal.

Talking about interlacements with the Premier: Ramsey left Arsenal for Juve and from Juve he could leave again, destination Everton (in the Kean deal); Rabiot, apart from the confirmed feeling with Carlo Ancelotti, is appreciated - also - by Manchester United and who is looking for a foothold to keep alive the Pogba option is free to do it (also keep an eye on Van de Beek).