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Juventus are waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo, but in reality, they are ready for anything. The maneuvers for the attack have started a while ago. The general manager Federico Cherubini is carrying out two plans: one with CR7 and one without. In the first case - the preferred one - it is probable that the offensive department will be completed with an under 23 talent (Kaio Jorge and Scamacca among the favorites) to grow without too much pressure next to CR7, Paulo Dybala, and Alvaro Morata, freshly confirmed under the Mole for another twelve months.

The situation is completely different if, as it could happen in the next few days, the Portuguese star player opts to leave Juventus one year before his contract expires (2022). At that point, Massimiliano Allegri would have to guarantee Massimiliano a center forward who is ready and has a lot of goals under his belt.

This is why Allegri, in the event of CR7's separation, will work to increase the goals of the forwards already in the squad (Dybala and Morata above all) with those that the new center-forward will bring: that is, one of Dusan Vlahovic (Fiorentina), Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City) and Mauro Icardi (Psg). The 21-year-old Serbian, who scored a lot of goals in the last championship (21), is the investment that most intrigues the Bianconeri managers for his age, potential, and room for improvement. Vlahovic is considered the best bomber of 2000 after the Golden Boy Haaland. The Fiorentina player would probably need a little break-in to fit in with Juventus, but with Morata and Dybala in the squad, the risk would not be so high. The real problem is Fiorentina, who is far from open to the sale of Vlahovic. The Serbian is considered untouchable. Or expendable only for an offer between 50 and 60 million. A lot of money, especially at the time of Covid. But it should not be forgotten that, in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo's departure, Juventus will save 86 million between salary and sale.

An immediate hit - also at the international level - would be Gabriel Jesus, for whom several inquiries have already been made. The 24-year-old Brazilian is leaving Manchester City, who does not intend to give him away (he is valued at 60-70 million) and would prefer to sell him to Tottenham in order to get Harry Kane.

Between Gabriel Jesus and Vlahovic, always keep an eye on Icardi. Especially because the former Inter Milan player, unlike the Brazilian and the Serbian, could be the protagonist of a real exchange directly with Cristiano Ronaldo: Maurito at Juventus with CR7 at PSG.

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