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Derby memories

Best Derby? As a player the 3-0 win in 12/13. I scored twice but it wasn't an easy game. Pirlo missed a penalty, but Glik's sending-off favored us. As a fan, I'll never forget the 3-3 draw with Maspero when I was a ball boy.

'll even throw in Cuadrado's goal in 2015-16: without that win, we wouldn't have won the Scudetto. The only thing I remember about the last one is that it was at Toro's house. I was on the bench, but we won and so it's good.

or the fans, all the fun of the game is missing, with empty stadiums. For those on the pitch, it will count for a lot. For Juve, it has always been a normal match much more than for Toro, but it comes at a delicate time when they have to watch their backs.

Whoever understands the moment better will win. I think Toro already knows this, Juve needs to realize it now. I hope the break has helped to make the group compact.

Scudetto race

Scudetto over? For me, yes, but even without that loss to Benevento, it would have been very difficult. Inter have an awareness in the locker room, even when they suffer they don't concede goals.

Juventus this season

At the end of the year, we all have to look at things. Only those who want to win and fight must stay. Now, however, we need unity, for that third place. Juve lacks balance in knowing how to suffer and when to hurt teams. Lack of personality? Many people don't lack personality, but there was no chemistry between the coach, new teammates, and the "older" ones, apart from Chiesa and McKennie the others had ups and downs. It will be a failure if we don't make the Champions League, for economic reasons and because Juve must always aim high. As a fan, I say: let's also look at what the team has done for nine years. Pointing the finger seems too much. Winning is never a foregone conclusion, the norm for others is to experience a season like Juve's current one.

Juve's decline

Juve's decline began in Allegri's last year: this season, compared to the previous two, they only missed out on the Scudetto, but in the Champions League for two years now they risked going out in the round of 16.

The Scudetto has hidden a slow descent. However, it is right to move forward with Pirlo. Juve was already in decline in terms of performances and quality, there are strong players with experience but we need to find the Juve spirit back.

Porto game

Should we have done more against Porto? If we talk about values, Juve is stronger than Porto. But in the two games, they lacked concentration and will.


Selling Dybala? These are decisions that are up to the player and the club. Dybala's value cannot be questioned, he is a pure talent, but he should only stay if he thinks he still has a lot to give.


If Buffon is well, his body is holding up and there are opportunities, it is right to continue.


If Ronaldo is still hungry and wants to win, and if his attitude is positive for the team, I hope he stays. That goes for everyone, especially the c