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Source: Tuttosport - FILIPPO CORNACCHIA

Yesterday morning Pavel Nedved was also spotted in the Montecarlo. The feeling between the two has been remarkable for years since the Golden Ball was represented by the Dutch-Italian agent, and in the last seasons, it has been strengthened by business deals. There are many open talks between Raiola and Juventus: from Gianluigi Donnarumma to Paul Pogba, from Donyell Malen to Moise Kean up to Rodrigo De Paul and the possible exchange Bernardeschi - Romagnoli. Nedved, thanks to the privileged relationship, took stock of the situation with the agent in view of the mid-week summit with the new general manager Federico Cherubini and coach Massimiliano Allegri.

The hottest name is Donnarumma, who is ready to leave Milan on a zero-parameter basis and has already been replaced by Mike Maignan. Juventus made a move on Gigio in unsuspected times, but in recent weeks several things have changed at Continassa. Fabio Paratici has said goodbye after eleven years and nineteen trophies. And Allegri has replaced Andrea Pirlo on the bench. Reasons enough to revisit the issue. Donnarumma is one of the biggest bargains on the market and Juventus' interest remains intact. Rather, according to what filters from the most frequented insiders, Juventus want to move Wojciech Szczesny. The advantage of Juventus, besides the feeling with Raiola, is that also the competitors are struggling with similar situations. Barcelona themselves, considered a hot destination, must first find Ter Stegen a team. And Psg has recently renewed its contract with Keylor Navas.

Paul Pogba is never absent from Juventus-Raiola chats. It has been like this for at least three years, but this could be the right summer. Especially if Cristiano Ronaldo, still doubtful about staying in Turin, opts for a return to Old Trafford. In that case, an exchange between former players would be a viable option: the Octopus at Juventus for CR7 at Manchester United. Paris Saint Germain permitting. And the Psg has already talked with Raiola for Kean, who returned to Everton after the excellent loan year. For weeks at the Continassa they have been considering whether to reinforce the attack with the former 2000 record-breaker and Nedved continues to monitor the situation with Raiola. Among the alternatives there is another forward from the Italian-Dutchman's stable: if Erling Haaland is protected by Borussia Dortmund, look at the Dutchman Donyell Malen from Psv (27 goals in the last season).

June, as always, will also be the month of exchanges. And Juventus have not abandoned the idea of trying to link up with AC Milan between Bernardeschi and Romagnoli, both assisted by Raiola and both expiring in 2022.