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Juventus are currently not under investigation.

"Juventus are currently not under investigation. There was no external pressure, it was the initiative of those who work at the University of Perugia who let themselves be enchanted by such a character." Said Selvaggio Sarri, Colonel of the Guardia di Finanza who coordinates the investigation into the Suarez case.

The investigation was born by chance, like most of these. We started, in February 2020, to investigate the University for Foreigners of Perugia for non-transparent activities. We found ourselves in this situation where we were asked by a Serie A team to have Suarez take the exam.

Juventus intended to register the player and the University was willing to take the exam. Says Selvaggio Sarri.

The problems arose when we came across with a person who had no knowledge of the Italian langue. Formally it was achieved with an intermediate level of knowledge, but we discovered it was all predetermined.

The player risks nothing. This type of crime is only charged to public officials: the crime of disclosure of official secrecy and, subsequently, at the moment of the false report, there is the ideological falsity of public officials in public documents. Regardless of the specific case, it is the nature of the man who breaks the rules. Unfortunately there are rules that must be respected to ensure the equality of all, they were unfortunate to have carried out these acts while we were investigating them.


Source: Punto Nuovo Sport Show