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The battle plan for a Juventus win against Napoli

The next game against Napoli is a very symbolic game for Juventus. The team from the south of Italy has been “la Vecchia Signora's” biggest rival this season both on and off the Pitch. The scandal of the Covid-situation is still fresh in the memories of fans on both sides. The table position is also a key part of the match, both are looking to finish in a Champion League position.

The team, coached by Gattuso, plays in 4-2-3-1 formation and when healthy is one of the most well-balanced and creative teams in Serie A. The team has players that are able to create very dangerous plays and are very capable of giving a good final pass. They will pressure Juventus, playing a high-tempo game to overwhelm the team of Turin.

Defensively Juventus must be solid with constant communication not giving Napoli space. A high-pressure game will help to isolate those talented players on the opposing side. When Juventus goes back defensively, they must communicate constantly. Napoli’s attack is fluid and the players move continuously, which can cause confusion if not prepared. Counters can be very dangerous for Napoli taking into consideration the speed of their players. Therefore, Juventus must be fast returning in transition.

Offensively, Juventus must be fast and use the spaces left by Napoli. Gattuso’s team will pressure the champions. The “Bianconeri” must be fast and precise to avoid losing the ball in dangerous areas. Long balls are a very important factor that can be used to stretch the defense or to attack the space. Counters and set pieces could change the game.

Juventus must win this game after not being able to win in two matches. Losing to a direct rival can hinder Juventus' chances to play in the Champions League next season. To obtain victory Juventus must be ready to fight until the final second.