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Juventus battle plan for a win against Inter

The next game against Inter in the “Coppa Italia” semi-final will test Juventus' defensive fortitude. Since the loss against the “Nerazzurri”, the team from Turin has shown a very solid defense and has been able to adapt to the different teams they played against. The second game of this semi-final can be a morale boost for the next games but for this to happen the correct tactics must be used in both offense and defense.

Defensively “la Vecchia Signora” must be able to adapt to the different parts of the game. They have to be able to pressure the ball high in an organized way and at the same time tried to close the spaces left in the back. For this to work correctly the strikers and the midfield must work simultaneously, while the defenders must be looking for any opposing player running to the spaces left in the back.

When Juventus defends on their own part of the pitch, Inter will surely look for triangulations between Barella, Lukaku, and Hakimi. Meanwhile, Lutaro will make runs to spaces in the defense. To counter that Juventus must put the Pirlo’s trademark switch between a 4-4-2 and a 3-4-1-2 on that side of the pitch. Making sure you have a quick transition with a left-winger and a left-back. Besides that, the two central midfielders must be ready to stop the midfielder's runs to the spaces, specially Barella has been Inter’s best player against Juve.

Offensively controlling the midfield will be important. Juventus will play against a team that will want to have the ball to creates chances, controlling the middle will allow the “Bianconeri” to utilize the spaces left by the Inter defense and allow the fastball movement that could create dangerous chances. Passes between the lines will be important to attack an Inter defense that will play very high.

However, Wing play will be present in this game, and using it accordingly will be a very important weapon for Juventus. Attacking the spaces left by Inter’s wingback will help the “Bianconeri” stretch the defense, especially Hakimi who will be constantly moving forward.

Moreover, set pieces can be an important aspect in Juventus' arsenal which will allow the “bianconeri” to create chances in the air using the areal abilities of players like Ronaldo, Demiral, and McKennie.

Counterattacks are going to be a key element taking into consideration that Inter Milan will be in the offensive looking to tie the series. Juventus can use the pace of some of his players to create dangerous chances.

In a game like this, a good mentality will be very important. Conte's team is always prepared to fight for every ball and Juventus must be willing to do the same if they want to go to the final. The word of the game must be “grinta” and the “Bianconeri” must embody it from the beginning until the end of the game.