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Source: Tuttosport/GUIDO VACIAGO

From 2012 to date, Juventus has earned almost 650 million from the Champions League. An average of 80 million per year. In 2017 (the year of the Cardiff final), the Bianconeri collected 110 million. In the last two participations of Juventus in the Champions League, with elimination in the Round of 16, the prize has been around 75-80 million.

Calculating downwards the share of TV rights and prizes, we can say that the next Champions League could give Juventus around 70 million. To which the proceeds from the stadium should be added. Calculating another elimination in the Round of 16, Juventus would have guaranteed, therefore, 4 Cup receipts. Calculating the average takings of the last season in which there was the public in the stands (the 19-20) we can say that its worth 8 and 10 million euros.

Last item on the list: sponsors' bonuses. Each contract, in fact, foresees an extra fee if Juventus completes the Champions League qualification. It is not a question of figures that substantially change the proceeds of the contracts, but in any case, it can be said that from 2 to 5 million more would come in (variable depending on the results).

The total, therefore, is around 80 million as a minimum. This is the Champions League quota that Juventus are playing for in this final part of the season.

Eighty million less would mean, for Juventus '21-22 to face important sacrifices at the football market level.

The first name that comes to mind is Cristiano Ronaldo who, between amortization and salary, weighs 87 million euros on the budget. This is to say that the sale of CR7 could, on its own, make up for the possible 'relegation' to the Europa League, where, moreover, he might not have much incentive to play.