The only way to describe this match was to call it a game of missed opportunities. Multiple missed shots, missed goals, and wasted chances. Juventus have drawn six times during their first twelve games of the season for the first time in thirty-six years. The Bianconeri cannot continue to waste points if they hope to stretch out their Scudetto streak to ten years in a row. With the amount of money invested the most unfortunate aspect of the game was that the attack was the biggest problem and arguably the cause of the outcome.

Notice: All ratings are calculated through a stringent process utilizing statistics and the eye test called My Opinion and are most certainly incorrect.


Wojciech Szczesny - 6.5

A solid match that included multiple huge saves and stops including the early one combined with De Ligt’s assistance at the 17’ are going to be forgotten because of one that the defense let slip by and cost the team two points. Szczesny contributed five saves, two saves from inside the box, and five accurate long balls.

Juan Cuadrado - 5.5

Cuadrado had a bit of a regression from his output the last couple of matches, but he continued to attempt to create through the turmoil without success. Cuadrado contributed six interceptions, one tackle, six ground duels won, one aerial duel won, one key pass, one accurate cross, and four accurate long balls.

Matthijs De Ligt - 6.5

Early in the first half the Dutch defender had a huge stop on a run at the 17’ and had a solid performance overall. De Ligt contributed two blocked shots, three interceptions, four tackles, six ground duels won, one aerial duel won, two accurate long balls, and a shot on target.

Leonardo Bonucci - 6

The main play that fans are going to remember was when Bonucci made the poor decision to back off and allowed Freuler to take the fateful shot that would equalize the match at 1-1, but the Italian had some of the better defensive statistics on the team. Bonucci contributed four clearances, two blocked shots, four interceptions, two tackles, two ground duels won, three aerial duels won, and four accurate long balls.

Danilo Luiz da Silva - 5.5

The defense as a whole was arguably serviceable, but Danilo’s error led to the goalscoring shot. Danilo contributed one clearance, four interceptions, three tackles, four ground duels won, and one shot on target.

Weston McKennie - 6.5

Combined with Federico Chiesa the American consistently gives a refreshing level of hustle the squad has missed last season, but is not without fault. The Texan contributed a great play for Morata in the 48’ to line everything up perfectly for a potential assist that was only stopped by the face of Gollina at the last second. The latter suffered concussion protocol that discounted continued play that saw Chiesa knocking in a faux second goal. Though, the more time that passed in the second half the more errors and mistakes began to pile up for the slightly overwhelmed midfielder. McKennie contributed two key passes, one shot on target, one successful dribble, four ground duels won, two aerial duels won, three clearances, one interception, and three tackles. McKennie was penalized with a yellow card at the 80’.

Arthur Melo - N/A

Arthur suffered what seemed like an apparent severe thigh injury early in the first half and collapsed in the 26’. Was subsequently replaced by Rabiot. In his twenty-six minutes played the Brazilian contributed

Rodrigo Bentancur - 6

The Uruguayan had a decent game and helped create the opportunity for the score by assisting Federico Chiesa in his goal. Bentancur contributed one assist, one key pass, one accurate cross, three accurate long balls, eight ground duels won, one aerial duel won, two clearances, one interception, and seven tackles.

Federico Chiesa - 7

In my personal opinion Chiesa was the Man of the Match and it was not necessarily close. The man came up big when Juve needed it most early, played with the highest level of intensity, but was pulled in the final fifteen minutes. At the 29’ Chiesa belted a screamer past Atalanta’s Gollini with a beautiful strike that shot past the keeper’s mitt and into goal for the first score of the match. Nothing makes me more personally happy than to see young Italian talent have success at Juventus. Chiesa earned the penalty at the 60’ that Ronaldo failed to convert. Chiesa contributed one goal, one key pass, one shot on target, one accurate cross, one shot on target, one successful dribble, one penalty won, four ground duels won, one clearance, one interception, and two tackles. Federico Chiesa was substituted off for Alex Sandro at the 75’.

Alvaro Morata - 4.5

Missed opportunity after missed opportunity. That is the best phrase to describe Morata’s performance this match. To start the game he joined Ronaldo in throwing away one of the easiest scoring opportunities I have ever seen at the 11’, even though it is uncertain if it would have been onside or not. Morata later placed a shot directly into Gollini’s forehead. It is too early to say this a pattern, but the spike in Morata’s performance at the beginning of the season might be regressing to the norm. Regardless, the attacking duo was the weakest part of Juventus’ game tonight. Morata contributed two shots on target, one shot off target, three big chances missed, two key passes, one accurate cross, three accurate long balls, eight ground duels won, one aerial duel won, two clearances, one tackle, and lost possession twenty-one times. Alvaro Morata was penalized with a yellow card at the 60’.

Cristiano Ronaldo - 4.5

This is not going to be a piece for the Ronaldo fanboys. He was bad today, nearly useless. It all started at the 11’ with an absolute ‘what the hell moment’ when Ronaldo and striker Morata both failed to easily score on a gimme possession. Ronaldo was then stopped on a gifted penalty drawn by Federico Chiesa at the 62’ by Atalanta keeper Gollini. Ronaldo only continued to compile the bad performance by showing almost no purpose in his actions when gaining possession of the ball, throwing away a majority of the opportunities presented for him. Ronaldo contributed one shot on target, two shots off target, one penalty miss, one big chance missed, two ground duels won, two aerial duels won, one clearance, one interception, and twelve lost possessions.


Adrien Rabiot (↔️ Arthur Melo) - 6

Rabiot entered the match following an apparent thigh injury to Arthur Melo at the 27’ in the first half. Rabiot was the unfortunate recipient of a large portion of the blame for the goal that was scored by Atalanta after he slid and fell allowing for the shot by Freuler. Adrien Rabiot contributed two accurate long balls, one shot off target, two successful dribbles, eight ground duels won, one aerial duel won, one clearance, four interceptions, and four tackles. Rabiot was penalized with a yellow card in the 46’.

Alex Sandro (↔️ Federico Chiesa) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Paulo Dybala (↔️ Alvaro Morata) - N/A

Not enough information for rating


Andrea Pirlo - 5.5

I personally do not agree with the choice to pull the only goalscorer (Chiesa) when the two attackers are giving nothing of substance. But most of the offensive failure is not the coach’s fault.

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