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Source: Tuttosport - GUIDO VACIAGO

For the past three days, Agnelli has been the football world's hardest-hit target, swept up in an unprecedented media tsunami, and singled out as the most culpable of the Superleague Twelve. It can't be said that Andrea Agnelli is not publicly atoning for the failure of the project, which he shared with eleven other managers and owners who signed the same document, but who were only touched by the general indignation.

He had to expect it, he was the only one of them holding positions in the institutions, which he tried to bypass with the Superleague, and having relationships of trust with almost all the clubs excluded from the project, who now feel betrayed.

In the midst of a perfect storm, Agnelli holds firm. He accepts the slaps and waits for the emotional-media tide of these days to subside in order to understand if the problems that the Superleague has put on the table will be able to emerge, even if within a bomb exploded in the hands of those who wanted to launch it.

After his speech to Reuters on Wednesday morning, when he declared that the conditions were no longer there to take the Superleague project forward, Agnelli is silent. "Focused on my love: Juventus," he said two days ago.

Because this crucial moment in his career as a football manager revolves around Juventus. The extent of the political defeat is such that it becomes difficult to think that, in the short term, there will be room for Agnelli within the institutions he led until Sunday evening (the Eca) or of which he was a member (the Uefa executive).

From now until the end of the season, therefore, he will dedicate himself to Juventus which, among other things, is living one of the most critical moments of its management, both on the field and among the balance sheet accounts. Without the possibility of winning the championship and the Champions League, the objective of fourth place (and the Coppa Italia) remains, in order not to worsen the financial deficit, which promises to be of a certain importance, after the Covid disasters.

In the meantime, he is planning the next season for Juventus, of which he is sure he will continue to be president next season. The reason for this confidence comes from his firm intention not to give up in this difficult moment. And also from the talks with his cousin John Elkann, who represents the ownership and who has expressed confidence in him.

The specter of a change at the top of the club, however, continues to hover around the Continassa. A phenomenon is difficult to analyze with lucidity, because it is necessary to make a tare of the rumors, subtracting all the uncontrolled and unreliable ones that try to accredit themselves crowding around the failure of the Superleague. The eventual decision to remove him from the chairmanship of Juventus, if it exists, is in John Elkann's head and, if it does, John Elkann is not the type to go whispering it around. Nothing, really nothing, will happen until the end of the season. Too important is the path of the team that is playing - ironically - for the money of the next Champions League and a trophy, the Coppa Italia, which would bring to 19 in ten years the cups raised by Andrea's Juventus.

Then if something has to happen, it will happen. It must be said and reiterated that what is leaking out from the ownership does not lead to thinking of a change. Since people can change their minds (or communicate another one for the sake of opportunity), this is not the same as the certainty of seeing Agnelli still at the helm of Juventus, but the indication is more than significant.

So much so that even the bookmakers have fun giving out odds and the lowest one is for the confirmation of Andrea as president, which is worth just 1.5 (less than what Juventus' victory over Parma paid), then there is Alessandro Nasi at 2.50. Evelina Christillin, who has just been re-elected to the FIFA Council, is the other hot name, at 5, but she denies it herself, even joking about it ("No thanks"), while the surprise takeover of John Elkann would pay 7.50. Alessandro Del Piero enters the list, although at 10. Then there is Marcello Lippi quoted at 40.00. The same offer for the return of Giuseppe Marotta, and for the honorary president Franco Grande Stevens, followed by Pavel Nedved at 50 times the stake.