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It's weird that Bonucci is our top goalscorer

Matthijs de Ligt spoke to Mediaset on the eve of the Champions League match between Chelsea and Juventus.

On the game

I think it is important because we are here to play for first place. It's important for the next round against a very strong team like Chelsea. We have to be at our best to try to win.

The new-found balance

We didn't find it only in defense but as a team. The defensive phase is not only for the defenders but also of the forwards, the midfielders, and the goalkeeper who speaks throughout the match. We have improved a lot compared to the beginning and there is room for improvement. We're doing better and in the end, if you look at the game, we're winning now and that's the most important thing.

On Bonucci

It's strange that a defender is a top scorer along with Dybala. This is something we need to improve: we need to create more chances and score more goals. For me, it's not important to have a player who scores 20 or 30 goals a season, but the important thing is to win. It's not important who scores.

The Scudetto race

We're still in November, it's early days. We had a good game against Lazio, tomorrow we have Chelsea and then Atalanta. We're moving forward game by game, and this is the right way for us to go. In the end, we will look at how we are in March and how the others are doing.