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It's Not About Premier League Broadcasting Money, It's All About Oil Money

The prolongation of the acquisition process of Manuel Locatell, due to the difference of five million euros in the valuation of the player by Juventus and Sassuolo, which coincided with the money splash of other teams, has led to many financial questions in the minds of Juventus fans. Many fans attribute this difference of shopping power in the transfer window to the much higher TV deal of Premier League, but is that really true?

In general, the income from the broadcasting rights in Premier League is much higher than other leagues, but unlike other leagues, this figure is distributed almost equally between all the teams, so the English top teams will not have an advantage over the lower teams in their league. Although even with this income distribution system, the amount that the top English teams earn is still more than the big teams of other countries, the equal share for each team means the gap between top Premier League clubs with Juventus is not that big, and Juve can reach or even pass them in broadcasting revenue with a good performance in the Uefa Champions League.

The latest version of Deloitte Money League –which is the most authoritative benchmark between teams in the world –shows the income status of Top 6 vs Juventus in TV broadcasting rights.

Now, with this enlightenment about the TV broadcasting rights of the English Premier League Top 6 and Juventus, the question that comes to mind is, then, in the midst of this pandemic, why there is a big gap in the Transfer Market spendings of English teams and Juventus?