Important game for ourselves. We were focused. We will see game after game and see where we will be at the end. It’s important to play with this spirit.

We got Chiesa for the 1vs1 in the last 30meters. We're happy with what he did. Rabiot was fresh and in good shape. He doesn't know how much potential he still can express. Bentancur was tired and it was right to take him off since he was going to risk things.

A free kick should have been whistled (Hakan on Rabiot) but then the team made mistakes. Danilo should have come forward and prevented it. We should have positioned ourselves better, but it all stems from a foul that was not whistled.

Everyone here is a starter. I'm lucky enough to be able to choose based on the opponents. Dybala? Let's wait until he's 100% then we'll make choices. On the renewal of Dybala, there is the club, I do not intervene on these things.

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