Sassuolo are a very good team, they've been playing together for a long time, the coach is very good at building a style. It's going to be a difficult match, we mustn't allow them to come out under pressure

Whoever is first in the table is always the team to beat. We take responsibility, we have been winning for nine years and it is normal that there is pressure to win the championship.

Demiral is a bit more ready than Chiellini, so he could be the one to start. Chiellini is training with great continuity and soon he'll be able to start games too.

There is always room for improvement, in these last two games we scored goals but I would like to improve our mental strength. When we score we have minutes when our heads are in the clouds, so I need more concentration from the guys.

It was a good win against Milan, at an important moment, but if we don't win tomorrow it's no use. The next victory is always the most important one.

Every game has to be the same, our desire to achieve a result has to be the same every game. In April we will see where we are, so tomorrow will be more important than Wednesday.

Kulusevski is doing well, the other night he finally made a good start. I congratulated him because I finally saw the player who started the season. He could be an extra weapon during the match.

The covid affects me as much as the other coaches, but we have to move forward. We think about working with what we have, there are other problems.

This morning in the meeting we dotted we talked on what Juventus' path should be. Especially the young players who have been praised must understand that what they have done is forgotten if you don't give continuity. That's how it is at Juventus.

Morata is better, he trained separately, he started to do something on the pitch. Tomorrow morning we'll see if he can come on the bench. We don't have the problem of a fourth striker, if there are opportunities we'll evaluate them later on.

Chiesa is fine, his hip got stuck a bit but everything is fine. We managed to get him back.

Arthur is doing better, he was hit hit against Atalanta. He came back from holiday still in pain. Now he has regained his condition and can play, he is a boy who knows football and the moments of the games

I wanted Chiesa because I knew his qualities and what he could give us. He's 22 years old and hasn't done anything yet, he's a prototype of a champion but he has to grow and improve. At Juve you have to show in every game that you are up to the task.

Bernardeschi is doing well, I'm sorry because I haven't been able to play him consistently. Every time he came in he did well and gave 100%, he's important for us because he's reliable. He's an important player, he'll give us a big hand.

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