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We've dropped lots of points along the way because we've lacked a cutting edge at times, especially in matches that look easier on paper. You can't afford to do that in a league where all the teams are so well prepared. Of course, it's not easy to have positives before the game or to always be doubtful about the formation. Hopefully, this situation will end soon.

When you have this spirit, this desire to win, when you run with all eleven players to help out when your teammate is out of position, then you win the game and that's what we lacked in other games.

I went down this path trying to play a certain type of game, but due to many things, we didn't have the chance to have the players or to be able to work. We arrived at games with little energy, especially against lesser strong teams. But we can't give up. There are a lot of things I did wrong, but I would do them again because in your first year as a coach it's not easy. You throw yourself into it with your ideas, trying to bring something to the team.

It's normal that sometimes you do well, sometimes you make mistakes, but I need them and they will be useful for the future. A lot has happened, it's been the most complicated season for everyone, for many reasons. It will serve me well in the future.

Criticism? I'm used to it. The role of the coach is like that, I knew it even before starting, so I'm not unprepared. I made mistakes like everyone else, then I can draw conclusions so I won't repeat them in the future.

When we play with the spirit we showed today, this desire to win and to put in a shift for the team, that's when you get results.

Top 4? That's the goal now because it's difficult to get to the top, so we've set ourselves the goal of doing well in the 10 games, of winning this mini championship of 10 games, then preparing for the Coppa Italia final.

When you play for Juve you don't choose your objectives, you have to conquer them. We had the chance to go through because we had an opponent within our reach, but unfortunately, we missed the appointment and it was a bad blow. We lost to Benevento, which took us out of the Scudetto battle, but they were two big disappointments, the Champions League was something we really wanted. Watching the games last night gave us great anger because we could have been one of those teams.

Watching the UCL games last night on TV gave us so much anger because we cared and could have been one of them.

Chiesa has impressive physical strength. He has to convince himself of what he is doing. Sometimes he puts his head down and argues with opponents. In Italy he is unique, a European footballer of which there are few. He must have the desire to be one of the best.

Today we also saw Ronaldo chasing the opponents. Today we saw the Juve spirit, with this everything becomes easier.

We decided to play these tactics – with Danilo as an extra midfielder – to free up more space out wide. We pulled it off well, although we didn't always make the most of the extra man on the counter-attack – and when you get those sorts of chances you have to take them.

When you have a player like Dybala, you have an added value. We had him for I think 7 games, the others did well, but we missed him. He still has a year left on his contract and I'm holding on to him.

We must learn from the mistakes we made as we want to play our last ten matches as best we can and get ready for the Coppa Italia final.