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Now I'm in the shape I wanted to be and the coach wanted me to be in. I felt good and the truth is that we all feel good. We know that we have to think game by game, today there was nothing else to do but win and luckily we did it.

We need to hit teams more often over their back with a long ball, I hope to see it more often, I'm starting to do it in training, even the coach asks me and today I did it. I'm glad I did it well, but I need to start doing it more often.

McKennie or Arthur? I Choose one no, we are all doing well, in the middle we are all doing well physically, the one who takes the field wants to do the best for the team and we are all doing that very well. I'm happy for all my team-mates.

I like to play as a regista, but also as an eight because I get into the box a lot more. The truth is that I like it better as a regista.

After every training session we stop to take a few shots. I have the shot, but it lacks a bit of confidence. I'm happy because it's my teammates up front who score all the goals. Now we've found fitness, we've found the whole team again and we want to get the ball to our team-mates in front, and we're doing that very well.