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I lifted another cup and it must be a new start for us

It was an important game, we wanted to win it. It's a cup and we wanted to redeem Sunday's defeat, which still stings.

Great game, offensive and defensive. It gives us satisfaction, we enjoy this victory. For us and for many guys it was their first final. We are just happy.

Sunday was tiring, demanding. We didn't train yesterday, I didn't train at all. There were doubts and, but it went well, I lifted another cup and it must be a new start for us.

Cuadrado is a champion, I don't know how he got well so quick. The 95th minute run is Juan. This year he's 33, it's incredible how much he's grown.

We have to stay calm, think about us, game after game, give continuity to results. That's the most important and most difficult thing. We mustn't look at the league table.

The most important thing is that we were united in all phases. It's certainly down to us, but on Sunday we came up against a team that outclassed us.

At the first difficulties we moved away from the plan, the biggest mistake we made. With a team like Inter, if you're disunited and go your own way then you risk a lot and you never catch them.

Today we were always compact and we did well in our attacks. Napoli play with quick exchanges and put you in difficulty. The midfielders did well not to let them get anything. It's easier to read the game that way.