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We worked well knowing that Atalanta have particular characteristics, they play a different kind of football to the others. We tried out counter-measures to counter their fierce aggression. I'm confident about tomorrow's game.

Cristiano will not be ready for tomorrow. He hasn't been able to recover from a flexor problem and it would be risky to bring him with us tomorrow.

Fagioli is not a gamble, in his role there are also other players but there would be no problem in seeing him on the pitch.

Dybala will play from the start.

Cristiano felt his flexors were strained after the game, then he tried some separate training but he couldn't push as he wanted to. The national team games also conditioned him.

We have in mind the objective of finishing as high as possible. We embarked on this path after Benevento and Torino seeing that Inter were further ahead. It's not a path suitable for Juve, but the goal now must be this one.

More than as individuals, Atalanta are a team. Then the individuals come out and Goosens is certainly a good player. There are few in Italy with the strength of Zapata or the flair of Ilicic, or Pessina himself.

Bonucci has just returned from covid and is on a path to get back to his best. He did very well against Zapata in the first leg.

The evaluations on Cristiano have been made, he was supposed to play two games for the national team and instead he played three because of the disallowed goal. He told me himself and the accumulation of games leads to this.

We looked at Atalanta's weak points during the week. Cuadrado can play high or low, but others can also vary their position to try and hurt them.

In the first leg we played a good game, we put them in trouble with the pressure and that must never be lacking. They have a lot of intensity.