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Getting to know Bryan Reynolds

Let's take a look at Bryan Reynolds, the talented American whose transfer seems close to being official, from FC Dallas to Juventus. It seems as though he will play with Filippo Inzaghi's Benevento Calcio until June, when he will then sport the black and white stripes of Juventus.

The model at the American club FC Dallas seems to be focused on growing young talent, and bringing them up to the first team. Some knew that a day would eventually come that the club would have to sell their top players to clubs in Europe - and Bryan Reynolds is one of those gems.

With only 15 MLS league starts under his belt, he is headed to one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Having shown his ability with FC Dallas' academy, Reynolds became one of the club's best and youngest homegrown players. He started off originally as a forward, but quickly transitioned his position to that of a fullback - which now seems like a smart decision from FC Dallas.

Once consistently appearing in the starting lineup, Reynolds' excelled. His ability to join the attack was effortless, as he provided three assists in the 2019/2020. Standing at 6' 3", he has incredible size and appears to to have great ability in swinging the ball in from the flank.

It took only 14 starts in 2020 for top clubs in Europe to take notice of Reynolds. Juventus, Roma, Fiorentina and Club Brugge had all been linked for several weeks leading up to his transfer. Somewhat ironically, after a rapid rise, the process to get Reynolds' signature was relatively drawn out over quite some time, as clubs battled for the American star.

In the end, it seems Juventus have won out - as many expected they would. Reynolds appears bound for Turin and will join Weston McKennie, coincidentally another product of the FC Dallas system even if he left before reaching the first team. With McKennie taking the honours of being the first ever American to play for the Bianconeri, Reynolds joins as the second ever American to play for the club. Surprisingly, both signings have come within the same year. We're loving our American boys!

With the move to Juventus, Reynolds is not just a marketing tool to grow the Juventus brand in the United States - it seems that he is the real deal. Juventus see him as a potential long term replacement for Juan Cuadrado, and can chip in to fill in wherever needed during key moments in matches.

By paying $10m (£7m/€8m) to sign the young American, Juventus showed just how much they value him. Reynolds will spend the rest of this season with Benevento, as Juventus have no room for another non-EU player on their roster. Eventually however, Reynolds will get his chance to prove that he is exactly what Juventus paid for.

Reynolds rise has been, for lack of a better word, meteoric. From backup, to starter, and from there signing with Juventus, all in a matter of months - who on Earth could have seen that coming?

Not bad for a kid from Forth Worth, Texas. Welcome to Torino, Bryan Reynolds!