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Source: Tuttosport - ANTONINO MILONE

It will also depend, if not above all, on who will come out in the comings and goings of a midfield in any case destined to change skin. And it will depend, of course, on the wishes of Massimiliano Allegri, who in his new role as an all-around coach will be happy to keep an eye on the Juventus market.

There are two suspects: Rodrigo De Paul and Manuel Locatelli.

Much is known about the Argentine, probably not everything. Last season De Paul was the second-best assister in the league along with Roma's Henrikh Mkhitaryan: 10, -1 behind Atalanta's Ruslan Malinovsky. He scored nine goals in 36 games, including three penalties. His life off the pitch, his friendship with Paulo Dybala are well known. It is possible because compared to the Locatelli track, the road that leads to De Paul would seem a little bumpier. It is not easy to convince Pierpaolo Marino: the director of the technical area of the Friulian club knows first that the moment of the farewell is close, but the evaluation of 40 million has a little scared more than one club at the window. Not Milan, who has already put forward 21-year-old Norwegian Jens Petter Hauge to reduce the outlay. Not Juventus, who have no shortage of interesting quid pro quos to offer and not to mention the Raiola factor, which theoretically would not be an obstacle to De Paul's transfer to Milan despite the Donnarumma chaos, but in short: the Bianconeri and the Italian-Dutch agent have appreciated each other for years. The latest complication, in the sense of the most recent, is Atletico Madrid: in Spain, they tell of an offer of 20 million-plus a youngster to Udinese. It will be discussed again.

De Paul has just turned 27, Locatelli is 23. He has scored four goals (two on penalties) in 34 games this season, but what is impressive is the sense of completeness that comes through in his performances. Loca is ready to step on the turf of a big team like Juventus, ready - Locatelli - to take on new responsibilities, as a leader whose history rests on solid foundations. So much so that his willingness to wear the bianconero shirt has never been seriously questioned, despite Sassuolo wanting to collect the right amount from his point of view: it is between 35 and 40 million. Allegri has already given his approval: to De Paul if Juve will need a wing half; to Locatelli if instead a director-governor in front of the defense will be needed.