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Four things to watch out for vs Cagliari

After snatching defeat from the hands of victory on Tuesday evening vs Porto in the Champions League knockout phase, that eliminated Juventus for the third straight season in a row they are back at it vs Cagliari in Serie A as they hope to keep pace with the league leaders Inter and Second Place AC Milan.

Here are four storylines to watch for as to how this game might unfold:

1) Play Fagioli. With nothing to lose this season, Andrea Pirlo should play the 18-year-old youngster to see how he can perform in a full Serie A season. He has all the right tools and the mindset to excel at a higher level. He plays at a very mature level and would be interesting to see how he performs when given the opportunity.

2) Not losing focus. As much as Juventus are playing against lower-end opponents, we can't look forward to the make-up game vs Napoli and must win convincingly not to drop any points. As Inter and Milan might be able to drop a few points the rest of the month to make this race very very interesting.

3) Play Buffon. The ageless wonder should play on Sunday. It seems when he plays he controls the backline and the defense reacts much better as opposed to when Tek plays. We never seem to be out of position. We have to realize that Buffon's career is coming to a close in the next few years, so let's enjoy these moments when he plays. His passion for Juventus and compassion is barred none.

4) Chiesa Chiesa Chiesa. Freddy Church has been so impressive this season. He just controls the game as was evident in the last few matches and when the Old Lady needs a big goal he delivers. His long runs down the wing just make the team play with heart and passion.