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Fresh from a very much confidence-boosting win vs Parma, the Old Lady is back at it to keep pace with Atalanta and try to leapfrog Ac Milan into second place behind Inter, in the Serie A Standings.

Here are 4 storylines to watch for as to how this game might unfold:

1) Consistency . As has been the theme this year with the Old Lady, just when it seems it looks like, Juventus is going to get on a long win streak they go back into a tailspin with bad performances against the leagues lower end teams of Serie A. Hopefully they can put a few games of consistent play before the much-anticipated match vs Ac Milan in a few weeks with a lot on the line.

2) How much of a distraction is Agnelli pulling out of the Super League a distraction. With Agnelli pulling out of the Dreaded Super League these past few days, will this be a distraction on the pitch for Juventus? I must say he stuck to his guns and didn't cave to the evil perils of Uefa and Fifa. We shall see if Juventus and the other Italian clubs get banned from the Champions League in 2022. I hardly doubt it. But the players must just keep winning to save the season. One trophy they can still win is the Coppa Italia Cup vs Atalanta in May.

3) Alex Sandro has risen from the dead. Alex Sandro where have you been? On Sunday the goal-scoring machine rose from the dead and scored two amazing goals. But the main concern is his lapses in defense. He has been so up and down this season. But if he can score a few goals and not lose concentration, Juventus can finish strong and revamp in the summer transfer market to get back to winning ways.

4) Ronaldo in a funk. Cristiano Ronaldo has been in a funk on the field last few matches. From throwing his jersey to kicking the ball away when he doesn't score. Thank god for Juve against Parma, the rest of the team woke up and delivered.. But Ronaldo has to score this weekend to not get frustrated and to keep the pundits quiet.