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Juventus is back at it, in the Serie A vs lowly Crotone as they try to get back into the winning column. After a disappointing first leg 2-1 Champions League defeat vs Porto, although they did get that all-important away goal by Federico Chiesa, they will try to get back to winning ways on Monday evening.

Here are four things to keep a eye out as this game unfolds:

1) Where have you gone Rodrigo Betancur. In the match vs Porto Betancur gave up a lazy pass for an easy goal in the first minute and played horrific football all game long. Just when you think he has flashes of brilliance, he plays horrific the next. Coach Andrea Pirlo needs to sit him for a few matches and not put him in the starting lineup. It will be interesting to see how he handles a benching if it comes to that.

2) Let's start Fagioli in the midfield. I for one have been lobbying to start Fagiolo, as the 18-year-old youngster has great potential and plays with eagerness, and brings energy to the team. He did start in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals and proved admirably. Let's see what he can do in a Serie A match.

3) Sense of urgency. In the last few matches, Juventus hasn't shown a sense of urgency. They must do that vs Crotone. They must score quickly and often and not let Crotone gain any confidence and shut the door quickly. With these lower teams, giving them an inch of confidence can be dangerous.

4) Paulo Dybala is back. After being out since mid-January with an injury, he will be back in the lineup on Monday evening. It's a much-needed boost for a team that needs scoring help to complement Ronaldo and Morata. Dybala has to prove to Andrea Pirlo, that he belongs in the lineup as a starter or a reliable player on the bench. With the status of Arthur who is out for a long time, he will be counted on to pick up the slack.