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Four things to look out for vs Spal in the Coppa Italia Quarter Final

Fresh off a emotional victory vs Napoli in the Super Coppa Italia, and a Serie A win vs Bologna on Sunday, the Old Lady are back at it, in another mid week game as they host upstart Spal in the quarter finals of the Coppa Italian Quarter final fixture in Turin on Wednesday evening.

Here are four things to look out for as to how this game might unfold :

1) Can Pirlo stop giving Bernardeschi chances after chances. The Bernardeschi experiment has gone wrong. Andrea Pirlo has given him many chances this season to prove he belongs as a starter, and its not working. His lack of finish and passing has been terrible, and when he has had the opportunity to score he has failed miserably. He should be relegated to the bench from now on.

2) Watch out for upstart Spal. Juventus in some matches this season, has been asleep at the wheel, against the leagues lesser lights. They have to keep their eye on the prize and not get complacent, as Spal has something to prove in the Coppa Italia, as this might be their only hope of winning this season. When Juventus has the lead they have to finish the game quickly and early, and not let Spal gain any momentum.

3) Resting Ronaldo. Resting Cristiano will be key, to preserve him for important fixtures vs Roma, Napoli as well as the Champions League Group Stage vs Porto. Lets hope Juventus doesn't get sloppy and win this game easily.

4) Weston Mckinnies energy. The energetic American brings lots of energy and excitement when he is on the pitch. Look for more of that on Wednesday evening. When he starts, Juventus plays with more speed and quickness and purpose and they get out to fast starts. He has finally found a place in the team.