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After another disappointing draw vs Fiorentina in a season of dropped points, Juventus is back on the pitch as they face Udinese on the road. Here are four storylines to watch for.

1) Time for Ronaldo to get going. Juventus's star player has been in a funk the last few games. When he struggles so does Juventus and it shows on the pitch in their sluggish play. Ronaldo has to score early vs Udinese to get them out of the gate quickly, and that will prop up the team and other players, to play better with much energy.

2) Stop starting Kulusevski. Although Kulusevski has shown flashes of brilliance, but for the most part he has been disappointing in games. He is a great talent that needs time to flourish. It hasn't happened this year but he still has a chance in 2022. Right now the goal is to win games and finish in the top four.

3) Pirlo Watch. With each draw or loss, the Pirlo firing watch increases. As usual Max Allegri and even Marcello Lippi get mentioned as replacements. But in all fairness, Pirlo hasn't had much of a midfield to work with and he has made great decisions as well as some bad ones. This will happen as a rookie coach. Pirlo just has to finish strong and see what happens in the off-season.

4) Keeping their sights ahead of them. Although they play Milan next week the focus is on Udinese so overconfidence might happen in this match. They have to find a way to win big this weekend and get ready for Milan next week and keep the pressure on them and Atalanta with Napoli chasing the Old Lady as well.