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Four storylines to watch out for: Juventus vs Porto

It's do or die for Juventus as they host Porto, in the second leg knockout stage., of the Champions League. After playing a terrible game vs Porto, in the first league and the only saving grace was the Chiesa away goal, Juventus will have to score two goals or more to progress.

Here are four storylines to keep an eye on, as to how this game might unfold, on Tuesday evening in Turin.

1) Arthur is back. Initial reports were that Arthur's injury was much worse than indicated. Prior to his injury he was anchoring the midfield and was settling in at the position. He will have to do the same against Porto on Tuesday evening. Last few games Juventus was missing that general in the middle, so Arthur's return is a relief for Andrea Pirlo and the entire team.

2) Will Porto park the bus. With a 2-1 aggregate league, one would suspect that Porto will play very tight in the back and will stuff the box to stymie Juventus. The Old lady has to be patient and play as they did vs Lazio and not falter.

3) Bernardeschi has his groove back. If the last two games are anything, he has played with much confidence in pushing the ball up much quicker and finding the lanes for the likes of Ronaldo and Morata to shine for scoring opportunities. Not bad for a man that was almost run out of town after each Juve match, for his lackluster play.

4) Freddy the Church. Frederico Chiesa has been just superb when he starts. His long runs down the flanks have been very impressive. He changes the pace of the game and keeps the opposition guessing all the time. More of Chiesa moving forward should be the anthem moving forward.