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Four Storylines to watch out for: Juventus vs Genoa

Fresh from a much-needed win vs Napoli in the make-up game, which just might have saved Andrea Pirlo's job and the return of Paulo Dybala., the Old Lady is back on the pitch on Sunday afternoon vs lowly Genoa. Here are four things to watch out for as to how this might match might unfold.

1) The return of Paulo Dybala. That's right he is back. La Joya is finally back from a season of nagging injuries where he just couldn't get on the pitch. Dybala came off the bench as a substitute and gave Juventus much-needed energy in the second half vs Napoli. Hopefully, this momentum can be carried for the remaining games of the season, and he will be resigned in the off-season.

2) Andrea Pirlo's job is safe for now. After two lowly efforts against Benvenuto and Torino, many were calling for the firing of Andrea Pirlo. Some very unfair. But for now, Andrea Pirlo's job is safe and rumors of Max Allegri can be put on hold for now. Pirlo's first head coaching gig has been a learning curve and he has handled it well in some games and in another game, his coaching has been mind blogging. Juventus must give Pirlo a chance till next year to be successful.

3) Time to play Fagioli. When he has played in limited minutes, Fagioli has been treated even in limited minutes. Since Pirlo wants a mix of youth and veterans, it can't hurt to see what he has to offer. He plays with lots of maturity for a young kid.

4) Not getting complacent and losing focus. As in many games this year, Juventus has lost its focus against the lower-end teams. They have to be resilient and know the task at hand. They can't lose sight of it and look ahead to Atalanta next week.