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First Look at Andrea Pirlo’s Juventus: Tactics, Principles & What to Expect.

While there is a lot of talk going on with regard to the lack of experience as a first-team coach at the top-flight level, how exactly did Juventus look under Andrea Pirlo on his Serie A debut?

Photo: Twitter JuventusFC

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Antonio Conte’s return to management with Inter, Atalanta’s attacking football, Lazio’s burst into the top three, Gattuso fighting back the crisis at Napoli, Ibrahimovic leading Milan back to winning ways…. While there are already enough reasons for someone to be excited about Serie A, here we are welcoming yet another addition to Italian football; Andrea Pirlo, The Manager!

For someone who vowed to never get into coaching or management not too long ago, Pirlo has certainly made a huge decision by accepting a club as big as Juventus as his first ever. Any football lover who has come across Pirlo the player, would know that falling in love with watching him play used to happen instantly or eventually but it was hard not to at all. With the way he used to find pockets of space to receive the ball, dictate the tempo, progress play into the final-third and create chances out of nowhere with his hawk-eyed vision, it was evident that he already had a thorough knowledge, ability to read and understand the game.

However as cliched as it sounds, playing football and coaching a team are two totally different situations and there is no guarantee that a successful player will go on to become a successful coach. Having said that, there are some who have been successful in both careers and we can only wait and watch if Pirlo would turn out to become one such exception himself. So, what do the early signs say?

Coaching Principles & Objective.

“The founding idea of my football is based off a will that is: purposeful, possessive and attacking. I want total football. The two principals of my football are: we must keep the ball for as long as possible and be ferocious in winning it back immediately. The teams that inspired my ide