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I like playing chess, until the age of 18 I also took part in several tournaments in my city, Cordoba. I won the provincial ones, then I made the leap to national level and got a good second place. Then they started to match me to bigger players and unfortunately I was often eliminated halfway through. I am patient, I study the opponent's moves and I hurt them when I can. Even in life? That depends. But in general I am a guy who knows how to wait, who knows how to concentrate to make the right moves at the right time. In my job I always try to have short-range objectives, because they are the easiest to achieve. My relationship with time is basically this.

The problem is that my beard just won't grow. My eyes, on the other hand, are green, even though my girlfriend says they are heavenly. I got them from my grandfather. He died when I was 4 years old, but there are many stories in the family: it seems that as soon as he arrived in South America he slept two weeks in a wheat field, almost dying of hunger before being saved by some farmers. Then, little by little, he built his life. I am proud of what he created and the teachings he left us, which are the same teachings my father gave me: to be responsible, to respect people, to grow in all human aspects.

Dad was a quiet, silent man, who loved football more than anything and passed on his passion to us. He took us wherever we could play, wherever he saw us happy. He loved cars and often changed them: Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Volvo. With every new purchase my mother would get angry, but he earned it with his work and rightly, in my opinion, took his satisfaction away. He had a betting agency where numbers are played... Something similar to the Lotto game here in Italy. Similarities? His passion for football. Then, the love for cars, even if I don't change them as often as he did. In the last 10 years I have changed three of them. What do I do with them? We're often out racing in Europe and Italy and I couldn't even use them. In addition, Juventus provides us with a company car. The last one I bought was used by my girlfriend. I am very careful about spending money, a recommendation that my family always repeat to me.

Art? At a charity dinner in Paris, organized by my former teammate Blaise Matuidi, to finance some solidarity projects in Africa. There were valuables and other things of a more emotional nature for sale. I became passionate about this sculpture by Richard Orlinski and bought it. But I am not an art collector, it was my only investment. I only collect football shirts, I have hundreds of them. The ones we exchange at the end of the match, plus the ones I give away or order for my teammates who play abroad. Not counting the shirts I buy on the Internet.

A Del Piero shirt, at the auction, escaped me because of a second. And one by Maradona worn in a game against Brazil, which someone agreed to pay more than me. Would I buy the statue of his left foot that Maradona was having built before the hospitalisation? It depends on how much there is to spend. 20 thousand euros? For that amount, right away. I was paying more for his number 10 T-shirt.

I also have a piano, It's for my girlfriend. I can only play easy songs with very few chords. Mainly reggaeton pieces. Oriana manages to get me to open up and make me see things differently every day. We communicate a lot and do a lot of things together, even though we each keep our own space. Apart from on the sofa in the evening, when we see a film she always wants to be hugged, I want that a little less. It's not good to be stuck together all day. Will I marry her? Later on.


Source: Vanity Fair