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Source: Tuttosport - FILIPPO CORNACCHIA

In 2022, not only Ronaldo's contract expires but also that of Paulo Dybala. Since he is an under-30 player, Joya's situation is completely different. Without an extension, which is always an uphill battle, the most comfortable and least risky path leads to an immediate divorce. To separate twelve months in advance means to avoid the farewell to parameter zero (in 2022) and exploit the last train to score a good capital gain. Barring indecent proposals, highly unlikely at the time of Covid, they are working on luxury exchanges. A bit like in 2019, when without Dybala's rejection, Paratici would have traded the number 10 for Romelu Lukaku, who then moved from Manchester United to Inter.

The 'Dybala puzzles' being studied are many: with the Red Devils for Pogba, with Atletico Madrid for Joao Felix, with Manchester City for Gabrel Jesus, with Barcelona for Dembélé. At the moment, however, there seems to be one that is not yet downhill, but according to the well-informed a little more feasible than the others to bring to the finish line. It is the exchange between Dybala and Mauro Icardi, who reported being leaving PSG.

A return of flame of what, in 2019, was much more than an idea for Inter, at the time struggling with the Icardi grana. The good relations between Juventus and Paris Saint Germain and the same age of the two players (both 1993 strikers) make the talks easier.