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Dybala, Ronaldo and a number 9?

We played an excellent first half, it's a pity we didn't score any more goals in the first 45 minutes. We dropped a bit in the second half, but we were good at staying clear in the decisive moments and closing it with Bonucci and Cristiano.

It is important to communicate with all the players: I remember how much it pleased me to talk with my coaches in the past. I talk a lot with the players, they talk a lot with me. And this is essential to understand their needs.

My football? We have four central midfielders who, due to their characteristics, play better on a two, they are neither playmakers nor mezz'alli. We are trying to defend at 4 with two midfielders in front of the line, while in the setting phase we work on a 3 + 2, with the full-back that goes forward.

Ronaldo and Kulusevski with Dybala and the center forward? The more quality players you have, the better, but they also need to have characteristics that bring balance to the team and allow us to find the right measures. We will try to ensure that everyone can be on the pitch at the same time .