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Douglas Costa in a Tevez type of deal

Source: Tuttosport - Daniele Galosso

Douglas Costa will not be redeemed by Bayern, but his future will not even be tinged with the bianconero colors: in Turin, there are technical doubts about the player, to the point of having decided to give up on him last summer due to the poor physical reliability, but also economic ones, by virtue of a contract for 6 million net per season (expiring in 2022) that clashes with the need to reduce the payroll. For this reason, every solution to lighten the next roster with the weight of the green-blue acrobatic is explored with interest and, in particular, is capturing the attention of the Bianconeri managers.

The one that has shown the most interest, in a romantic market framework, has been so far Gremio ("I have already spoken to him and he seemed very interested", declared the coach Renato Portaluppi), that is the club that launched Douglas Costa towards Europe. The capacity of the company's coffers is limited, however, to be able to deal with such a costly operation, a consideration that has tickled Paratici with the idea of a leap into the... past. And in particular in 2015, when the return of Carlos Tevez to Boca Juniors took place despite difficulties similar to the current ones. According to an operation that, today, it is hoped to be able to replicate. At that time, in fact, the Argentine returned to his homeland against an expenditure of 6.5 million, how much his card still weighed on the balance sheet for the Bianconeri. A sum that Juventus did not collect, however, 'converting' it into an investment for the loan of the young Guido Vadalà and an option on three promising talents: Franco Cristaldo, Adrian Cubas, and a certain Rodrigo Bentancur, punctually picked up two years later.

At the moment Douglas Costa still 'weighs' about 11 million and, with Gremio, Juventus are trying to square up on this figure. Without claiming it in cash, but exploiting the "treasury" to get their hands on some rising stars of the nursery. The profiles at stake are those of 2001 Vanderson and Guilherme Azevedo, respectively low and the high left external players who are appearing in the first team. But the name at the top of Paratici's wish list is that of Pedro Lucas, the 2002-born finisher who Barcelona have already set their sights on and who signed his first professional contract in 2018 with a 40 million clause. A concentration of phosphorus and technique - he has already made 7 appearances and scored one goal between the championship and Libertadores - around whom the Bianconeri are working to anticipate the competition with an option. To be paid, maybe, just through the transfer of Douglas Costa, who should be paid a severance package to facilitate a transfer that would impose a downward adjustment of the salary.